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Velonotte participation terms



Group of people hereafter called the Authors, joined for the happening (here and after called the Event), hereby agree to allow participation in the Event for any person (hereafter called the Participant) willing to comply with the following set of rules (hereafter called the Terms).

1. Participant manifests his will to participate in the Event by the registration on the web site of the event.
2. By this registration the Participant’s declares that he has read and agreed to follow the Event’s rules as well as disclaims the Authors from any responsibility for Participant’s life and actions during the Event. The Authors provide that the rules are few and necessary only to make Velonotte possible for maximal number of Participants.
3. All registered Participants are equal during the Event.
4. The participation is free. We invite you to support Velonotte by donation.
5. The Authors provide the cultural and historical information to the Participants for free and in volume limited by Authors' will solely.
6. The Participants can not at any circumstance distribute or circulate the information received from the Authors being their intellectual property without written consent from the Authors.
7. The Participant agrees to participate in the Event at his own peril and at his own expense.
8. The Participant travels to the place of Event on his own and defines the amount of spending during the event without Author’s assistance.
9. The Participants move in a row. Traffic is organized by local authorities.
10. Alcohol is prohibited. The Terms oblige the Participant to state that he is solely responsible for his life, his health his physical and economical safety as well as any other risks which may incur during the Event.
11. The Participant agrees to comply to any safety rules that are applicable according to the Terms, the Law of Russian Federation or the country of Event as well as the common sense.

I wish you a pleasant journey... and see you at Velonotte!

Sergey Nikitin/ Velonotte International

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