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It all started on a warm magic Moscow night of 7 July 2007. 100 riders joined for the first ever Velonotte to roam lovely and slummy areas behind Kurski terminal featuring masterpiece by Konstantin Melnikov.  It was the first time our team known as Moskultprog was doing something in the dark. But not the first time on bike: one year before Velonotte was Veloday for the famous Khodynka field area, one of the birthplaces of Russian air manufacturing, one of the first airdromes in Russia and also a site of Khodynka catastrophe during the coronation of Nicholas II.

Moscow Velonotte first logo was created by Yuri Gordon, one of the prominent Russian designers. Katya Kozhukhova is authour of Velonotte Pietrogrado logos. Italian drawer Manuemme and inCubetto made design for London Velonotte,  Valentin Dyakonov- Velonotte Roma & No.5, Vadim Degtev - Velonotte NYC.


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