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London Velonotte Albertina: Grand Tour of Early Victorian London. 

22 June 2013 (XIV) 

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Midsummer night's ride in London was a truly Victorian expedition, long and inspiring! 


The route was dedicated to the West End and West London - Kensington, Chelsea, Camden and Westminster, and to urban evolution in times of Prince Albert. Starting from the Buckingham palace the night focused on everything conceptually Early-Victorian - from Underground to 1851 Exhibition and Crystal Palaces, from poetry to engineering, from public housing to private cemeteries. It is here, on Kensal Green Cemetery, that we unveiled a song based on GK Chesterton's classic "Rolling English Road" which turns 100 this year. The song is written especially for this event by Bruno Belbosco. 


Velonotte Albertina is directed and produced by Sergey Nikitin, historian & founder of the Velonotte. Co-production - Adam Thompson of Hackney Bicycle Film Society.

Thanks to all our marshalls, sponsors & volunteers.


Live broadcasting by Resonance FM 104.4 Mhz. 

​Meeting time & place - Buckingham palace, June 22, 11-30 PM

Recommended donation is 5-50 Pounds.

Velonotte Albertina is part of London Festival of Architecture Fringe.


London Velonotte is supported by Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, Bikeminded Campaign of RBKC, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture (Iris Foundation) and Moskultprog.  


Our experience shows that it's easy to become lost even when there are crowds of cyclists. So to all of you smartphone/tablet users we say - there's an app for that! Follow the Velonotte route for good sync between what you see and what you hear!


See you next year!





































Thanks to Kieron Yates & Resonance FM for hosting histories and music!


Browse our blog gallery of the London's finest people in 1840-1860's including Father Thames!









From left to right: Sergey Nikitin, Andrew Saint (Survey of London), Adam Thompson (LU;HBFS), Liza Picard, Philip Mansel (Society for court studies) & Jerry White (Birbeck university)


Victoria and Albert loved masquerades. We invite you to dress up for the event in the vestiges of Victorian intelligentsia and fiction heroes...

Here's a list of 50 protagonists of the Velonotte Albertina



The first London Velonotte happened exactly one year ago. Entitled L'Olimpica, it has been exploring the East End wonders - from Georgian houses to Hoxton square and the Bolshies congress in Hackney. The ride wrapped up with a picnic at the Canary Wharf's Wintergarden. Here at 4 AM amazing morning music was served by Trinity Laban string orchestra directed by Nic Pendlebury.



How long it will be?

- The London Velonotte journey will take 5 hours including 10 lecture-stops and tea-party


Will I have to ride fast?

- No! Approximate calculated speed - 7 mph.


What do I have to take with me to listen to the guides?

- We will have a radio transmission, so bring a headset and a FM-radio to follow London Velonotte. Or any other device with access to Resonance FM site.


If you have further questions, please contact us



White-shed Italianite facades in Kensington.

The sound of Robert Browning's poems, not thinking about the meaning.

Flowers in Ophelia's hand.

"Good old times", stunning musical production by BBC, both funny and naive. 


"Long ago in the Russian hills,
A Victorian explorer found the regal hogweed by a marsh,
He captured it and brought it home."



We are proud for support from our friends and partners:


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Survey of London: volume 38 - South 

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Survey of London: volume 4 - Chelsea, pt II
Ed. by Walter H. Godfrey. London, 1913.

NB: All Surveys are now available on-line on


Velonotte encourages dressing up in the style of your favourite Victorian characters, whether a charity shop find, or a beautiful bespoke costume / accessory made by one of London's talented creatives. For a bespoke item, Velonotte recommends Sahar Freemantle, who has a background in costume design and has founded two millinery labels in London; Sahar Millinery and for those not scared of taxidermy - UglyLovelySahar will make to order, and help you research your chosen character.
If it's the Masquerade element of the night that excites you the most, Sahar works closely with mask maker Face Invader to create the perfect mask to hide behind!

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